Pet & Animal Service in Montreal Area

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  1. My name is Lorraine.I'm 42yrs old.I have a pet turtle and a hamster.I'm looking for part time pet sitting or boarding.
    Lorraine O ·8 hours ago on PetSitter
  2. I'm a fifteen year old girl, with 4 pets of my own. 3 cats and 1 dog; the cats are aged 12, 10 and 2, and my dog is turning thirteen this...
    Yasmina Somerhalder ·20 hours ago on PetSitter
  3. Life can get pretty hectic and you can't always walk your dog after a long day of work, school, or both! We get it, but your pup might no...
    Irene Kyriazakis ·20 hours ago on PetSitter
  4. I love animals,I'm currently studying to be a vet technician on line.I am the Cat lady I have two cats.I do not like mice.
    Paule Lepage ·1 day ago on PetSitter
  5. I love pets. I have a cat (4 and a half years old) and I had many pets since my childhood (dogs and cats). I can walk dogs while you are ...
    Karina Kylymchuk ·2 days ago on PetSitter
  6. Hi! My name is Dahlia I am 19 yrs old looking for a job, I love animals with a passion it's amazing to me I can get paid to take care of ...
    Dahlia June ·2 days ago on PetSitter
  7. I love animals and we have a special bound. This comes naturally not by experience . Exempt taking care of them in case of immergency.
    Mehrnaz Nagh ·4 days ago on PetSitter